Friday, June 15, 2007

Aishwarya Rai Sucks

World, here's my exposé on why she is so damn annoying.

Aishwarya Rai sucks because:

  1. She cannot act. What she does is an insult to acting - and my evidence is Dhoom 2, which is perhaps the single most heinous movie ever made in Bollywood.
  2. Really, she is not that hot - as is evidenced above. Sure she was Miss World, but that doesn't prove anything except that she was willing to degrade herself to participating in a stupid and shallow 'contest.' She is not the 'world's most beautiful woman' - not even close.
  3. I am tired of seeing her in the news - whether is praying at some temple, her being manglik (whatever that means) or her wedding to Abhishek Bachchan (who probably didn't bother to shave for the wedding) - I. Don't. Care. It's not news. It's bullshit.
  4. She did a bang-up job 'representing' India on the Oprah show... and by "bang-up" I mean "abominable."
  5. She has the fashion sense of a blind & deaf dog dying a slow death from rabies.
  6. Her apparent 'hotness' gets her serious roles like that of Kiranjit Ahluwalia in the Movie 'Provoked' even though she can't act, and really is not suitable for the role. Here's the real Kiranjit Ahluwalia - would you cast Aishwarya Rai to play her?
(Kiranjit Ahluwalia - has nothing in common with Aishwarya Rai)


yessamin said...

Ha ha ha..
the tweety photo comparison is good...
But hello..? Why insult tweety..?
I like tweety.
Ur right, at she being put in the role of Kiranjeet.
I was horrified when she was potrayed as Elizabeth Bennet, in the silly adaptation of Pride and Prejudice.

Anonymous said...

Aishwarya Rai suck. Yes! Being a miss. world (I hate that contest) does not mean that she is the most beautiful woman of the world. There are so many natural beautiful woman available around the world that this Mrs. Aish's so called beauty (or makeup beauty) can't even go close to their natural beauty. You people remember that the Big B(Bullshit) Mr. Amitabh was a judge of that contest when Ash became the miss world. At last, want to say if you give makeup a dirty sick dog from road, the dog will look prettier than Aishwarya.

P.S. Nothing personal Aishwarya but you suck. You sick fart and your looser husband also a big sucker than you. But your mother in law Mrs. Joya rulez. I like and respect her. Take care.

Rajan said...

Hey! What type discussion is this about my Aish? She is beautiful and was a virgin (before marriage). Many people wont gonna agree with me but she was a virgin. Yes Aishwarya is as likely a virgin as Madonna. Any doubt then you can ask Mr. Big B.

Hey Anonymous I liked the way you said what B stands for. Bullshit. Thank god, its not Big P. you know what I mean.

Sahr said...

I hate the way she stands ouchhhh my spine hurts.And look at her laugh oh my god ITS FAKE!!!She wouldnt have married that hefty abhi unless he had that "Bachchan" tag..I seriously think she should change her designer she's so dull & boring

Tabassum said...

you guys are so rude to her!!
and this Anonymous guy is such a big hater of Ash that he says Amitabh Bachchan was the judge of the Miss World contest...
Get your facts right mister!!the judges that year(1994)were
Eric Morley - Chairman, Miss WOrld Organization
Zindzi Mandela-Hlongwane - Daughter of Nelson Mandela
Tony Leung - Actor
Eileen Ford - founder, Ford Model agency
Ron Moss - Actor, The Bold and Beautiful
Katherine Kelly Lang - Actress
Patrick Lichfield - Photographer
Marsha Rae Ratcliff - Entertainer and Variety Clubs Ambassador
Andres Garcia - Actor
Charles Dance - Shakespearean actor
Iman - international supermodel

And you vebk, Dhoom 2 , as you called it as "the single most heinous movie ever made in Bollywood", is actually the biggest commercial hit in India!!
And if you see her in the News so frequently,it is the paparazzi who are so crazy for her and keep spreading rumours..what does Ash have to do with it??
Her fashion sense is not like that of a blind and deaf dog...may be you are blind, deaf and even "dumb" to understand the fact that she has a great fashion sense..If she wears something praise the designer and if otherwise you just throw stones by pointing fingers at Ash as if it was her mistake..
If you had seen the pictures of Ash at Cannes or any of her public appearances you would not have said that..
If you still did that...then it's loud and clear Blind , deaf and dumb!!
Also when you criticize her that Kiranjeet Ahluwalia does not look like should also note that Sir Ben Kingsley didn't look like Mahatma Gandhi...yet won Oscars..
But the point to focus here is about pathetic state of the poor woman which they have successfully shown in the film..not if Kiranjeet is as hot as Aishwarya Rai Bachchan or not..
I suggest you to do write some good stuff...not criticizing superstars and public figures for attention..
Thnx for reading!!

XxLeMaNsxX said...

hey tabassum we are not rude to your so called "AISHWARYA RAI B"
,to us she is just a makeup shop
open for anyone with money and power!!!!have you ever seen her without makeup??She looks like she uses Drugs and pukes on herself!!!!IF YOU HAD AN DIGNITY YOU WOULD HAVE BEEN WITH US NOT WITH "THE MAKEUP SHOP"!!You are just one of those fans who think that they will get their superstars in bed!YOU run to get their autographs and they treat you like a street dog!!!!THATS WHAT YOU ARE!!!AS far as dhoom 2 is concerned it was'nt the biggest commercial hit in india~Get YOUR FACTS RIGHT DUMB ****!!!!!SHE IS THE UGLIEST THING ALIVE ON THE PLANET AT THE MOMENT!!!AS FAR AS THE JUDGES OF THE (1984) YOU KNOW HOW MONEY CORROUPTS YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN!!!!SO THINK TWICE BEFORE COMMENTING BOUT THE MAKEUP SHOP!!!!!!!!

XxLeMaNsxX said...

UHH I MEANT 1994!!

Anonymous said...

beautifully said man!!!!!(XxLeMaNsxX) AWESOME THAT OUGHT TO TEACH THAT TABBUSAM TO SHUT THE F*** UP!!!!!

Tabassum Mirza said...

You know what, XxLeMaNsxX?

I actually saw Aishwarya during the shoot of Taal in Khandala where Ash dances beautifully in the rain without a hint of makeup. She looked absolutely divine. Though I had never heard of her till then (I was just 7 years old then, you see, this was in 1998).

And you know what? She doesn't treat her fans like dogs or anything. Actually, she doesn't like to call her fans as fans. She always asks to call them (us) as wellwishers. Very sweet of her. You won't believe me how sweet she was when I met her, she even lifted me up and pulled my nose playfully. My mom was always such a big fans of hers and after that day, she became a bigger fan!

About Dhoom 2 I won't speak at all. Go to any box office site and let the numbers do all the talking.

But really, you are an obvious hater. But I'm not worried, because Aishwarya arouses envy, jealousy and other violent emotions in people's hearts. So, it's all normal.

I would have been game for a debate with you had you been a little sensible. Sigh!

And no, I'm not dumb. At least not dumber than you. You commented with your username and then praised your own comment under an Anonymous name. Now everyone knows who is dumb. I wish you a speedy recovery. Love.

Anonymous said...

Actually Tabassum you are dumb, and I'm not the same person who posted before. Proof is in the fact that you would compare Ben Kingsley,(who could recite the phone book and win an oscar), to this vacuous, yes Tweety Bird looking, blind, deaf and dying dog like dressed woman. No offense to Tweety or the poor innocent dogs out there. They've done nothing to be compared to this vulgar woman.

Ushma said...

well...we cnt help it tht she's pretty.! she's egoistic...i mean so many gals (not her) around are pretty...but soooooooo down to earth..i wont deny her being beautiful..its just that i hate her ego!!

Anonymous said...

I know u pakis hate our AISH...jalte raho...We have the best in the world and u hv got nothing.....

Anonymous said...

Tabasum .. u look better then ash !! :P

Anonymous said...

Iv seen this lady in badami(Karnataka) during the shooting of the Bollywood movie guru,along with abhishek bachchan nd other artists she's is full of attitude and ugly as hell. Shez so tiny(back then)she looked so short nd skinny. I fell abhishek is better for the simple fact that he made an effort to make connect with all the fans standing there, while this lady is just sitting there busy with her phone nd filled with so much attitude nd ignorance. Shez not grateful to her fans who had come to see her. Shez no miss world, she doesn't deserve that title either. Shez a disgrace. All these shitty mangalureans only want fame nd money, I kid u not. Shez platic in nd out. Shez full ov plastic surgeries. Check out her before after pictures they speak for themselves. She looks like shez got some sad disease without makeup. This bitch is not sexy or beautiful, shez looks like a cheap prostitute with fake accent. She married abhishek(son of big b) only for fame nd money. Shez dirt.

Anonymous said...

Not only pakis darling... We Indians ourselves hate her... Wat do u say about that?! More over shez not the most good looking person on earth.. There r plenty of Indians who look better than Her. Go to her, she won't even respect the fact ur her fan.. Lolzzzz